Best Non-Chlorine Shock Treatments

Best Rated Non Chlorine Shock

In this article we consider three best-selling non-chlorine shock treatments. These are suitable for use in pools, spas and hot tubs whether these are sanitized using chlorine or bromine. Pool experts recommend a weekly shock treatment when the pool is being used. It may also be necessary to shock the pool after heavy rain, if the water becomes cloudy, if sanitizer levels bottom out, and after periods of heavy use. Before we set out the three top rated products, let’s review some of the key advantages of using a non-chlorine shock treatment.

Benefits and Advantages

people-in-poolOne of the main benefits of chlorine free product is the fact that the pool or spa can be used quickly after application, typically within minutes of the application. Unlike with chlorine-based products you don’t have to wait for the chlorine to return to safe levels. But remember to always follow the specific instructions that come with the product.

A second advantage over chlorine-based products is that chlorine free shock will not bleach the surfaces of your pool, spa or hot tub. For this reason non-chlorine shock is often recommended for vinyl swimming pools. Non chlorine shock is not sensitive to sunlight, is non-irritating and should not cause pH fluctuations.

Non-Chlorine Shock

If you’re looking for a good quality non-chlorine shock then it makes sense to consider these three bestsellers, reviewed by

  1. Leisure Time has a well reviewed chlorine free shock treatment. Your pool or spa will suffer very little downtime and the products should not interfere with your pH levels.
  2. Another powerful chlorine free shock is offered by In The Swim containing 43% potassium Monopersulphate. This is a powerful oxidizer which will destroy contaminants in the water and increase clarity. In The Swim is a well known pool supplies brand with a wide selection of products.
  3. Oxy plus also has a chlorine free shock treatment. A weekly application is recommended. Oxy Plus contains 42% Potassium Monopersulphate.

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